by Zoubi Arros

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This song was written improvisationally. Jamming with a drummer friend of mine. I played these two chords repeatedly and as I don't know scales, I didn't know what to play next without risking playing a bum note.
So I looked at her franticly as if to say "I don't know what to play next, Leah!"
She looked at me calmly, as if to say, "relax, take it easy. Pretend nobody is listening, nobody cares. Just have fun."

So, I started singing immediately.

This song, I almost lost because I often lose improv songs if I don't record them. So I went into the bathroom later and recorded the vocals. Luckily the band in the living room was playing in the same key! Woah fancy that!


With her eyes she told me.. to
relax take it easy,
(sit back, play easy)
She looked her eyes right at me
nobody is listening
nobody else is dancing


and we’re
daaancing..... and we’re
daaancing...... and we’re
daaancing...... and we’re
weeeooo hoooooo
wooooo whoooooo


released May 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Zoubi Arros Victoria, British Columbia

Zoubi sings heartfelt folk-pop songs with a quirky 50‘s undertone. Like ginger tea, she is warming and naturally spicy-sweet.

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